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I am a seasoned Front end engineer with 11 years of experience in the area, and I have hands-on experience in building applications with React, TypeScript and Node.js. In addition, I am passionate about solving challenges and improving user experience.

I am available for hiring!

What I can do?

  • Web Application Development with
    • jQuery
    • Backbone
    • React
    • Node.js SSR
    • Micro Frontend
    • PHP and MySQL
  • Third-party Software Development
    • WordPress Themes and Plugins
    • Hexo Themes and Plugins
    • EasyUI Extensions
  • Mini Program Developement
    • WeChat Mini Program
    • Baidu Mini Program
  • Browser Extensions Development
    • Google Chrome Extension
  • Translation Service
    • From Chinese to English
    • From English to Chinese

Contact Me

Email: rainyjune@live.cn
WeChat: rainyjune335